What we do

Why choose The Franchise Institute

The Franchise Institute is one Australia’s most experienced franchise companies. We are a full service agency that has helped more than 300 Australian businesses and organisations expand their business through franchising. We specialise in franchising small and small medium sized businesses and have worked with many different types of companies all around Australia from sole traders to mid-size firms; retail businesses to mobile businesses.

Four key factors set us apart from our competitors:

1) While we have been franchise consultants for more than a decade we were once franchisors and before that almost franchisees. What that means for our clients is that we are able to share our real first-hand experience across the franchising spectrum.
2) We have a practical hands-on approach and try to simply the franchising process where possible.
3) We work with our clients every step ensuring they build a robust franchise system.
4) While competitively priced we don’t cut corners

If this is the first place you’ve looked to find out more about ‘franchising’ we thank you for visiting our site and encourage you to take some time to look around it. We have a range of great services which can get your business up and running as a franchise simply, easily and cost effectively. If you’re not quite ready for that, the site also has a lot of practical and general information and advice about franchising.

Once you’ve looked at our site please speak with other experts in the franchising industry. Why? Because what you will find out is that we do things differently from our competitors.

Our philosophy is one of information sharing

We mentor and coach business owners rather than consult with them

We offer a range of franchising programs which are simple to use, comprehensive and are at a Franchise Fixed Fee Guarantee.

We build the skill base of the prospective franchisor so he/she can take control of the franchising process

We offer full mentoring and support

All of our legal documents are prepared by a specialised franchise lawyer and are Code Compliant.