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Despite its ever increasing popularity in Australia and around the world franchising to many business owners is shrouded in mystery. All of us are familiar with the success story of franchised businesses such as Boost Juice, Jim’s Mowing, McDonalds and Subway. Most business owners at one stage have wondered what it would feel like to be that successful – to have the opportunity to design your life rather than just focusing on earning a living.

But for the majority of business owners the ability to obtain unbiased and useful information on franchising is next to impossible. Specialized franchise lawyers and “expert” consultants are reticent to “give away” any of their tightly guarded information unless it’s accompanied by a hefty invoice. So for many small and small/medium sized business owners (SME) their aspirations to grow their business through franchising remains just a lofty dream.

  • Franchising Made Easy attempts to change all of that by unravelling the mystery of franchising by divulging these closely held secrets.
  • We have demystified the process of franchising presenting it in easy to understand manageable steps.
  • The book covers not only the operational and legal aspect of franchising but also offers pearls of wisdom based on more than a decade of first-hand experience.

Franchising Made Easy is a practical book, with practical tips, based on real life experiences.

It’s aimed at SME business owners who are thinking about growing their business through franchising.

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