Our People

James Corne


James Corne commenced his career in marketing for Oracle Systems before gaining broader experience in sales and marketing in various organisations including the Canadian Consulate, Telstra and Scitec.

In 1998 James left the corporate world and started a successful IT business building up high profile clients including AGL and Toyota Finance.

In 2000 James entered the Franchise and distribution industry. He started a number of franchise organisations however he quickly realised the lack of information and professional support available in this industry. James started to research franchising extensively, hiring business coaches, franchise experts and franchise lawyers. He then began to document the methods he found worked best for franchisors. Through many successes and a few failures, he has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience on both what to do and what not to do in franchising. His marketing experience and knowledge has helped him succeed in this industry.

James has a Master of Commerce in Marketing from the University of New South Wales and a Bachelor of Business in Marketing from Mitchell College.

During his time at university James was awarded the Leighton Holdings Scholarship for Economic Achievement, an exchange scholarship to Oregon State University in the United States where he completed his undergraduate degree and while there was awarded a Masters Scholarship to the University of Nevada.

Through James’ detailed knowledge and actual experience of the franchise industry he has advised and mentored many business owners on how to successfully franchise their business. James is grateful for the outstanding relationship he has with many of his clients and derives great satisfaction from watching as their franchised businesses grow from strength to strength.

Shauna Corne


Shauna’s expertise is in developing systems and procedural manuals. With a background in education working in both secondary schools and workplace training she is able to take a business owners “how to” knowledge of operating their business and convert this into structured, replicatable business systems.

Shauna started her career as a teacher but then decided to follow her passion for health and nutrition and went back to University to study nutrition.

She then worked for the National Heart Foundation in Canberra and then for the NSW Department of Health in the preventive health. Shauna was involved in developing Program Management Guidelines for Health Promotion and was also involved in the EQUIPP accreditation process for Central Sydney Area Health Service.

In 2004 Shauna joined James in working his franchised businesses and then became integrally involved in the establishment of The Franchise Institute. She brings to the business, excellent organisational skills, workplace efficiency and writing skills.

Peter Sanfilippo

(BA, LLB, University of Sydney)

(BA, LLB, University of Sydney), a solicitor of the Supreme Court of New South Wales and of the High Court of Australia. Peter has been a qualified practising lawyer for over 28 years.

Peter began his career at the Sydney office of Baker & McKenzie, an international law firm with over 50 offices worldwide.  There, he worked on large disputes involving international accounting firms, tobacco companies and breach of copyright, and gained valuable experience in commercial litigation.

He was employed there and in other Sydney city commercial law firms for the following 9 years, and among other things acted in a litigation role for clients such as the Westfield property group.

Peter Sanfilippo’s approach to the practice of franchising law emphasizes practicality, common sense and personal relationships, but never loses sight of detail and accuracy.