Franchise Assessment

Take Advantage of Our Free Franchise Assessment to Find Out If Your Business Can Be A Successful Franchise

Are you thinking of franchising but are not sure if it is right for you?

Do you want to grow and expand your business but don’t know if franchising will enable you to achieve your goals?

Do you have a couple of questions you’d like to ask about how to go about it but you can’t seem to find the answers online?

Would it be of value to you to have a conversation about franchising your business with a consultant who has worked with many other Australian businesses?

Practical Franchise Advice to Help You Franchise Your Business

If you’d like to know more about how to franchise your business, then an easy first step is to take advantage of our Franchise Assessment.

The Franchise Assessment is;
  1. Free
  2. Fast
  3. Convenient

The Franchise Assessment takes around 20 minutes and involves one of our franchise consultants speaking with you at a mutually convenient time to talk about your business to see if it is franchisable.  You don’t need to prepare anything in advance.  They will ask you a series of questions to get a better understanding of what your business does, where it’s at right now and how you would like it to be in the future.  They will also any questions you have about franchising.

To book a Franchise Assessment call 1300 855 435 or email

If the idea of growing your company has been on your mind lately and you want to explore various opportunities that have high percentage returns, our franchise consultant can better explain what you need to do to realise your vision.

Get Expert Franchise Advice Now Before Starting

You may have dreamt about being a household name or envisioned your organisation as one of those globally-recognised corporations. Furthermore, your research on successful franchised organisations may have caused you to ask yourself, Can I franchise my business?

Depending on the organisational structure or what kind of business you have, this lucrative venture may or may not be for you. We can help you determine if your company is suited for this opportunity. Speak with one of our franchise consultants to find out

How the franchising process works

How long franchising takes

How much it costs

To book, simply email or call us at 1300 855 435 .